Earn badges for each successful step you take as an innovator

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If you want to promote your entrepreneurial success, use our badge system to celebrate milestones as your venture gains traction.  From creating your first executive summary and pitch deck, to building a team, being part of a pitch competition, launching your brand through social media and your very own website, closing a first sale, incorporating, and more, the badge system helps tell your story. Now it’s even easier to earn your digital badges through a new system on our LaunchPad Discord platform

Check out the Badge Book here.  Badges come straight from the LaunchPad’s roadmap, as well as suggestions from members and mentors.  Blackstone LaunchPad & Techstars project management consultant Nick Barba created the system to instill some competitive spirit, as well as help startups celebrate each step they take.

He believes that entrepreneurs do not typically get the kudos they deserve when they reach milestones.  “Every step closer you take to being ready for your first investment, is a step to celebrate,” says Barba.  “We want to share your experiences, and every small step along the way, as you move from concept to commercialization.  The system also very publicly helps students see where they can find help from peers who have already achieved goals.  It also helps fosters collaborative community building.” 

Earn your digital badges.  Which entrepreneur or team will earn the most badges by the end of the academic year?  Stay tuned …