C!ub app connects students with clubs for more effective communication

C!ub app and Fabio Xie

How many platforms do you use for club communications? GroupMe, Teams, Slack, email, Instagram, and iMessage all at once for different organizations?  Do you find it frustrating to keep track of it all?

Or perhaps you’ve struggled to join clubs because you couldn’t find updated information about them on your university website? Couldn’t make the club fair? Received no response to an email asking if a club still exists?

C!ub is a startup that aims to fix these issues through a mobile app platform that helps students find clubs, easily organize the list of clubs they’re involved with, and helps clubs communicate with their members. C!ub also allows students and organizations to discover other clubs around the country.

C!ub was founded by Fabio Xie ’23, studying Environment, Sustainability, and Policy and Political Science at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, who began his entrepreneurial journey by engineering a practical solution to a problem that he and friends faced on a daily basis.

His team consists of 14 other talented and passionate students who are developers and designers from a myriad of North American universities, in addition to Syracuse University students working in marketing. Although the students are from five different time zones, they have still successfully met every single week for over the past 14 months, demonstrating their commitment to the team and startup.

Recently, C!ub launched its second MVP for users from more than ten student organizations at Syracuse University to collect feedback for their next prototype.

In the future, C!ub hopes to expand its reach to institutions globally, allowing high school and college students and clubs from all around the world to connect and communicate more effectively than ever before.

To learn more about the app, check out its website and other pages. You can also read more about the startup at this article.

Story by Sasha Temerte ’23, LaunchPad Global Fellow; photo supplied