Join CryptoCuse and learn about crypto investments, NFTs, blockchain and more, each Monday evening in the LaunchPad

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The LaunchPad invites you to join CryptoCuse, Syracuse’s cryptocurrency club which provides students with an education in cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain. The club meets each Monday evening at 7 p.m. in the LaunchPad, Bird library, which serves as its home base. 

The world of Crypto and its broader topics continues to move swiftly and without signs of slowing down, and conversations this semester will include crypto investments, NFT collecting, blockchain technology, Web 3, and other subject matter of interest to experts.  Whether you know nothing about the crypto space, or are already an expert, we encourage everyone to come and chat.

The club is hosting some exciting opportunities this spring. The most frequent contributors to ongoing discussions in the club Discord channel will have a chance to win a small prize of $50 dollars to purchase coins of their choice — a nice way to either start or continue your crypto investing. In just a few weeks, a competition will launch giving $100,000 in a mock portfolio with four weeks to make the most money in crypto investments. The will competition gives club members a chance to see just how well they can stand against the market and will reward the winner with an Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset. 

Learn more and join here.