Submissions now open for CryptoCuse’s first official NFT Design Competition

CryptoCuse is hosting its first official NFT Design Competition in collaboration with Newhouse and VPA. No prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or NFTs is required and anyone can submit an original work of art. Submitted artwork will be judged for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with the chance to win a prize. The artwork will then be minted as two NFTs — one for the artist to keep and another that will be distributed across the Orange community to students, athletes, alumni, and faculty. This will create community-wide appreciation and provide benefits to both the artist and the NFT holder.

The theme of the competition is “What does it mean to be a Syracuse student?” Submission deadline is Friday December 2. Please submit your artwork to this Google form. Please title your artwork and give a description of it which will be displayed alongside your artwork as an NFT.

Top three artists will receive rewards that include a high quality JBL Flip 6 portable speaker, gift cards and disposable camera.

For NFT Holders, benefits include perks from collaborations with student organizations and the chance to be part of original CryptoCuse community with priority access to future events and collections.

For every piece of art submitted, one NFT will be minted for the artist and one minted to be distributed to the community. NFTs will be distributed after the submission deadline. After the deadline, a form will open to claim a chance at winning an NFT. There will be fair distribution across students, faculty, and alumni.

Submission Format

  • File type: PNG, JPG, GIF
  • Size: Square dimensions, under 10 MB
  • Art Type: Any form including graphic design, photography, physical art rendered into digital art, etc.

Judgement Criteria

  • Vision: Storytelling -> How can you visually communicate what it means to be a Syracuse Student?
  • Creativity: Unique -> What makes your piece stand out?
  • Greater Contribution: Legacy -> How can your piece inspire others?

Competition Requirements

  • No prior experience in cryptocurrency or NFTs is needed.
  • Anyone can submit a digital piece of art.
  • Submitted digital artwork needs to be original. Can be previously created and or submitted to other competitions if it adheres to the theme.
  • Abides to SU Trademark Guidelines


  • NFT: (Non-fungible token), a unique digital asset on a blockchain. Can represent many different assets including art. NFTs represent ownership of this asset.​
  • Mint: the action of publishing a unique digital asset, NFT, to a blockchain. This digital asset can then be transferred between different users or sold on a marketplace.

About CryptoCuse:

CryptoCuse serves to provide Syracuse University students with education in cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain. CryptoCuse gives students the ability to develop their cryptocurrency portfolios while learning how to utilize blockchain as a powerful tool.

The club has four pillars:

  • Discussion: The club engages in weekly discussions about crypto news and member investments.
  • Education: CryptoCuse provides its members with a lecture-style and hands-on education in cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain. 
  • Blockchain Tech Startups: CryptoCuse works closely with the Blackstone LaunchPad to be a center for the creation and development of blockchain startups. We turn ideas into real business. 
  • Workshops & Events: CryptoCuse puts on a series of events and workshops throughout the academic year. We often put on events with our big-brother organization WiTec.

CryptoCuse is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) housed at the Blackstone LaunchPad. Meetings are each Monday in the Blackstone LaunchPad, first floor, Bird Library at 7 p.m.

The club is open to all students and welcomes new members. Join here.