Looking for an opportunity to connect with other LaunchPad & Techstars students across the global network?

LaunchPad Propel fall 2019 group photo

This post is for current and past participants in The Blackstone LaunchPad & Techstars program at Syracuse.  We’ve heard that you want to stay in touch and also connect with other LaunchPad startups across the global network of 20+ universities (and growing). The LanchPad network has created a new (private) LinkedIn group to connect current participants and alumni from LaunchPad network universities.  If you’re one of those students or alumni join the new LinkedIn group here.

As you know, #GiveFirst is a core value of our entrepreneurship program and culture, and we want to by provide even more opportunity for connection between today’s best and brightest student founders.  Maybe one of these talented young people is looking for a peer mentor with just your expertise.  Or maybe you’re looking for a few highly driven and entrepreneurial team members or entry-level employees with specific skill sets.  Or maybe you want an opportunity to reconnect with someone you got to know years ago at a LaunchPad network event. Either way, we hope you’ll consider joining this virtual community, and connect the dots across the ecosystem. 

Given our new virtual reality, we think this group will also be even more important and valuable than ever to both current, and past, participants – and to find peer mentors, experts and add team members from across the entire global network.  That’s the power of the Blackstone LaunchPad & Techstars.

If you’re not yet a member and want to join this powerful global network, start right here on the Syracuse campus.  Join here, drop us an e-mail at LaunchPad@syr.edu or visit us in Bird Library.  We’re open for business by appointment.