Come to a Grater Things pop-up November 17

man with a hat
Aidan Turner ’25, founder of Grater Things

Grater Things is taking over the Blackstone Launchpad in Bird Library this Thursday, November 17 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for its debut solo pop-up shop in Syracuse. The first 100 paying customers will find a FREE Glazed and Confused donut waiting for them.

The brand has also put together countless experiences such as a tote bag painting station run by members of the charity organization Ottothon, an exclusive t-shirt release of a collaboration between players on the Syracuse Football team and Out2Win Sports, the Camp Kesem charity selling their newest corduroy hats, a limited edition bucket hat collaboration with the Syracuse School of Architecture, student artists displaying their sculptural art, and to top it off a photo booth to show off your new purchases! 

Commonly found in J Michael shoes and a proud participator in the Popcycle pop-up shops, Grater Things was founded by Aidan Turner ‘25 (School of Architecture) in 2020. Grater Things is a premium loungewear supply brand dedicated to following your dreams and achieving success while also enjoying the journey you take to reach that point. The motto of making the most of life experiences is expressed through the brand’s logo–a cartoon cheese grater–which emphasizes having fun with your journey to success since that is what you will remember the most out of life. 

Syracuse University longs for a student-run, hometown clothing brand–and here it is. Come down this Thursday to shop Grater Thing’s newest styles and support this year’s largest student-run brand pop up.

Grater Things pop-up this summer in Rhode Island