What’s your co-working style?

Co-working in the LaunchPad

VPA alum Chris Cooley recently visited the LaunchPad for a fun Fireside Chat to talk about his experiences studying and designing co-working spaces (and incubators, accelerators, flexible work spaces and other iterations) — matching personality style and work preferences with physical space.  Do you crave quiet drop-in private space?  Do you need to be part of a collaborative community space?  Do you want individualized coaching?  Or would you prefer just attending events of interest to you, that are relevant to your particular stage of development?  Every successful space is designed to accommodate user needs and desires.  Chris is offering the SU innovation community the chance to explore what we want.

For a limited time, until the end of March, take this free short survey to see what your personal style is, and help us see what our SU personality profile is.

Link: www.flexworkprofile.com

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