Chris Mumford set to speak at Global Entrepreneurship Week at Newhouse

chris mumford
Chris Mumford, EVP/managing director, Martin Agency, will headline Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Newhouse School.  The event, at Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium, Newhouse 3, will be on November 16 at 6:30pm. It is presented by Eric Mower Advertising Forum

Mumford will visit the Newhouse School as a guest of the Eric Mower Advertising Forum. His talk is titled, “Charting a Path to the Agency of 2025.” He leads the Martin Agency’s  GEICO, American Cancer Society, Experian and World Wildlife Fund accounts, and spearheaded pro bono work for the 2015 World Cycling Championships. He joined the agency in 1997.

NOTE: Chris Mumford is replacing Matt Williams, Martin Agency CEO, as the original Mower Forum speaker for the event on November 16.Follow on Twitter at: #MowerForum