Catherine Forrest ’22 on leadership and entrepreneurship in

Catherine Forrest ’22 is co-founder and CEO of Secwins a startup venture that helps companies analyze and interpret huge amounts of data in real time. She recently graduated from the HUSTLE Defense Accelerator, an elite 12-week training academy for seed-stage startups at the Griffiss Institute. As a student, she was founder of CryptoCuse, headquartered at the LaunchPad, and WiTec, headquartered the iSchool where she received her undergraduate degree with a focus on information management and technology, data analytics and web design. As a student, she worked closely with Dr. Lee McKnight, her mentor, and first became engaged in the world of entrepreneurship through the LaunchPad.

“For centuries, some of the world’s most valuable resources were oil and gold,” Forrest said in a recent Conversation with Leadership interview with Stan Linhorst, a writer for “But today, one of the most valuable resources is data.”

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