Catch The Success Bug. Join the team.

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The Success Bug, a success and lifestyle blog that has quickly gained traction. Co-founded by Marcus Cook ’19 (Whitman) and two friends,  Jeremiah Washington, and Vincent DeMauro, the team met in the workforce and quickly bonded over a mutual interest in starting their own business.  They are now looking for a content developers and writers to join the team, and invite Syracuse creatives and innovators to apply.

“Funny enough, we didn’t know what to do or where to start,” the team says. “We searched the web looking to see what businesses other millennials our age have started, but there was such limited information. There were so many businesses that looked interesting, but because they weren’t Facebook or Amazon, they had such little coverage. Why is it that a company needs to have a billion dollars before someone can hear about it?”

“Finally, the light bulb clicked. We weren’t just going to start a business. We were going to study people who have and learn from them. What did these people do? What were their secrets? How did they catch … The Success Bug?”

The goal of TSB is to interview ambitious entrepreneurs and learn how they applied different strategies to grow their business. By providing a thoughtful examination of the current problems and solutions debated throughout the entrepreneurship community, we want to help our viewers get rid of the self-defeating belief that they have to be a genius or the next “Bezos” to start a business. We hope to create a community of individuals who are aspiring to become the best versions of themselves and will engage in a collaborative effort to learn.

Starting a business may seem scary or entailing significant risks, especially if you’re young, but TSB sees it as an opportunity to help solve a problem that you have the skill set to address.  TSB believes anyone can be an entrepreneur. As long as they have a proof of concept, are hard workers, and among all else, patience, success can come any individual’s way.

At the same time, TSB’s focus shall not only be on the entrepreneurs themselves. It also focuses on the different topics within businesses that an entrepreneur can use to scale his or her business. Whether that’s finance, marketing, sales, or anything in-between, our goal is to provide the tools that entrepreneurs need to achieve success. Showing that starting a business is achievable no matter your background is the cornerstone of the TSB philosophy.

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