Will DeVito and Nick Gold are building Bonfire in a Bin

“We’re going to make building a bonfire the easiest and best experience ever. Seriously.” Bonfire in a Bin’s co-founder Will DeVito smiles.

Bonfire in a Bin is a one-stop solution for building the perfect campfire at the beach, hiking, or in your own backyard. Whether you have been building bonfires every summer of your life or you have never come close to building one, Bonfire in a Bin has everything you need in a portable, affordable, easy-to-use kit that creates the quintessential bonfire experience.

Building a bonfire on the go is not easy, co-founder Nick Gold explains. The materials needed in a bonfire, like a bin, fire starter, and kindling can be inaccessible or hard to transport. Bonfire in a Bin is exactly what it sounds like. It is compactable, lightweight, and reusable, with eco-friendly materials that come in an elegant canvas carry bag. Bonfire in a Bin is designed for avid hikers, frequent beachgoers, and millennial adventurers.

A sophomore TRF major, DeVito teamed up with Gold, a junior sport management major when they met in EEE370 class. The many guest speakers they met during the course, and originally created this as a class final project inspired both. With Gold’s interest in business plan writing, the duo’s business model and final pitch earned the largest investment from class peers.  With that, they decided to move ahead with their game-changing product for the bonfire building community.

Bonfire in a Bin is building out the team and finalizing the product design. DeVito and Gold will be pitching their idea to the Panasci Business Plan Competition, the Raymond von Dan iPrize and the ACC InVenture Prize this spring.  Catch them at the LaunchPad in the coming weeks to learn more, or join their team.

Photo and story by Amanda Chou ’18, Blackstone LaunchPad Global Media Fellow

Photo caption:  (Left) Nick Gold and (right) Will DeVito.