Applications are now open for SOURCE grants and Honors Program Awards

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Application for faculty-mentored independent project funding is now available through SOURCE grants and Honors Program Awards.  An intent to apply by September 28, 2023, with complete applications due October 19, 2023.

Syracuse University undergraduate students can apply for SOURCE funding to support their research and creative projects.  Participants in the Renée Crown University Honors Program are also eligible to apply for Honors program awards to cover the cost of their thesis research and creative projects, as well as pre-thesis research related activities. Learn more here.

Timeline and budget may include:

  • Summer 2024 only (up to $3000)
  • Academic Year 2024-25 (up to $5000)
  • Summer 2024 + Academic Year 2024-25 (up to $4500 for Academic Year + up to $3000 for Summer)

*Graduating Seniors are not eligible to apply for funding in the spring cycle.

Program details and eligibility requirements, along the application, are here.