Andrew Kim ’24 on the power of marketing

In an unassuming hallway of a simple, neutral-toned Syracuse dorm, a RA encourages students to dream big. Andrew Kim ‘24, studying marketing and finance in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, and one of this year’s new Launchstar, is committed to helping others develop professionally and personally.

Kim, originally from the Los Angeles area, came to Syracuse with a desire to create in the realm of business. For him, creating is the expansion beyond the status quo.  It’s the act of thinking outside the box.  “I want to be the person who creates a trend, not who partakes in it,” Kim said.  It’s the reason he’s studying marketing to developing his thinking in innovative, creative ways to advertise a product so consumers want it. 

During his time at Syracuse, Kim directed his creative marketing skills towards helping businesses flourish and individuals grow. In his freshman year he joined the student organization Enactus, which leads a variety of business-driven projects, all designed to create social impact and give back to the community, from veterans seeking to build a career to women making jewelry in Guatemala.

Kim, who now sits on the executive board of Enactus in the communications team, used his creative marketing skills to showcase the impact of the organization, advertise their products, and celebrate the hardworking individuals dedicated to creating change.  The marketing strategies Kim learned and implemented through his work with Enactus sparked an interest towards marketing that can be used to help starting and growing businesses thrive.

The idea that a startup with savvy strategic marketing and a correctly identified consumer space can rapidly turn into a successful business is exactly the philosophy Kim is implementing in his new role at the Blackstone LaunchPad as a Launchstar specializing in marketing and product development. 

“The power of marketing allows one person to share their passion and allows consumers to realize it could be their passion as well,” said Kim.

At the LaunchPad, he hopes to work with entrepreneurs and startups to turn their product into the one that consumers realize they can’t live without. He also hopes to assist business in clearly defining their purpose and identity, which he believes is at the heart of marketing. 

“What do you want to be known as? And who do you want to support? Marketing can get really messy,” spoke Kim on the importance of clearly branding yourself when attempting to gain more customers. 

With the correct marketing, Kim is working to create identity and consumer need for businesses in the LaunchPad community.

Kim’s desire to help others grow and flourish doesn’t lie merely within his marketing skills. Currently, Kim is a Resident Assistant in the Whitman Leadership Scholar Learning Community, where he mentors Whitman freshman towards professional excellence and personal confidence. A simple chat with Kim will quickly reveal how much he cares about the students on his floor.

For him it’s also a delicate balance between encouraging growth and creating safety for those in what is often an uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing freshman year.  “Mental health is such a big thing, and I have to take care of these students and don’t want to worry them about professional development,” said Kim about his wish to both motivate and uplift. 

Kim finds this balance through the constant grounding and kind presence he offers to his students combined with professional and team-bonding events for students to explore their career possibilities and grow their professional skills.

The LaunchPad couldn’t be happier to welcome Kim as one of the newest additions to their team. With his commitment to intentionally connecting to those around him, dedication for helping those around him develop professionally and personally, and expertise in guiding businesses to growth with strategic marketing, Kim’s presence fuels a warm, uplifting, and supportive LaunchPad community.

Story by Blackstone Global Fellow Claire Howard ’23; photo supplied