An international student perspective on entrepreneurship


Opening Night Featured Panel Discussion, Global Entrepreneurship Week

Monday, November 14, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

Peter Graham Scholarly Commons, Bird Library

Join students from six different regions of the world for a social, economic and cultural perspective on what entrepreneurship means in their home regions.  What are the market and demographic forces shaping global opportunity?  Come be part of a fascinating interactive panel discussion with some of Syracuse University’s most innovative international students.

With Ricardo Del Castillo Hamacher (Mexico), Jose Javier Simeon Garcia Rovira (The Caribbean and Latin America), Lawrence (YongZhang) Lin (Asia), Quentin Rosso (Europe), Amos (Near East/Middle East), Jay Patel and Pritesh Desai (India)

A recent study by the World Economic Forum analyzed economies and entrepreneurial activity looking at “early-stage entrepreneurial activity”, measured as a percentage of the working-age population, the proportion of “ambitious entrepreneurs (who expect to create 20-plus jobs in 5 years) and the proportion of “innovative entrepreneurs (who offer new products or services).  It found that the proportion of ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs is higher in more competitive economies, as are rates of intrapreneurship.  Which parts of the globe have early-stage, ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs? Which economies have the highest rate of innovation? Which regions of the world have the most entrepreneurial connections, awareness of market opportunities, inherent entrepreneurial skills, and a risk-taking culture?  What are the characteristics of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial economies around the world? How is entrepreneurship perceived in different regions around the world?

International students talks about their varied experiences of entrepreneurship and how starting a venture, finding market opportunity, understanding trends, and launching a business differs between countries.

To follow the entire week’s agenda, visit the Global E-Week page on this website.  All events are open to the public free of charge.