Alexandra Cianfarani and ClubMATCH Make a Difference on the Syracuse Community

headshot of a student in a white blouse and navy jacket

Alexandra Cianfarani ‘22 is an Information Management and Technology major in the iSchool with great aspirations to make an impact on her fellow students. She has played an important role in the development of other people’s experiences in their college years by making a platform to find their clubs and interests.

Alexandra, a go-getter, and driven student, made one of the best decisions in her life senior year, to go to Syracuse. When applying for schools she was determined to find a school that had great co-curricular activities, sports, and school spirit but most importantly a great alumni connection. Since Alexandra had a vision, she knew surrounding herself with others who aspired just as much as she does would help her be successful. Freshman year, she took initiative and joined the Entrepreneurship Club at Syracuse University. While being active in the Entrepreneurship club, she also joined as a member of the LaunchPad to further her involvement in the startup community.

Alexandra is no one like you’d ever meet; she is fearless and ready to take on any task. Her journey hasn’t been easy, but she has definitely pushed herself to make the most out of her experience. Freshman year, Alexandra worked toward creating her own major since her many passions couldn’t fit in just one. She met with faculty, deans, and even the Vice President of Syracuse University to pursue her goals. Overall, this experience taught her confidence to have in herself, pushed her out of her comfort zone, and ultimately motivated her to create ClubMATCH.

ClubMATCH was started from attending a research study presentation regarding dislocation on college campuses, and Alexandra knew she needed to help. After thinking about her own experiences with her clubs and how she was able to find some of her best friends there; she thought if more people joined clubs similar to their interests, more connections could be made that could ultimately change students’ lives. She wanted to create a platform that allows individuals to find clubs based on their specific individual interests. Alexandra said, “There are hundreds of clubs on campus, and it’s hard for people to find and sort which ones would be most similar to their personalities and interests.” Helping students find their people and activities comes from her own personal experience, “If I didn’t find the Entrepreneurship Club, I wouldn’t be at LaunchPad today, and I wouldn’t have the same amazing friends and incredible experiences that I’ve had at Syracuse.” Furthermore, she wanted to give this experience to other students while making it easier for them. During the pandemic, Alexandra saw decreased activity in clubs as well as seclusion because of COVID-19, but that was going to change.

Alexandra decided this year was the year to display ClubMATCH in ‘Cuse Tank. Alexandra used to be a timekeeper in previous competitions throughout the years, and in that time she learned from fellow LaunchPad members and competitors how to pitch. In ‘Cuse Tank 2021, Alexandra did an amazing job pitching to the judges, and she loved her performance. “‘Cuse Tank was more than just a pitch competition for me. I learned how to present a product well and I developed an important professional skill from this competition that I will carry with me throughout my entire career” Alexandra said. She learned more about herself, faced her fear of public speaking, and it gave her more confidence than she had before. Moreover, she gained more insight into pitching and allowed her to gain networking skills for her future endeavors with ClubMATCH.

This upcoming November, Alexandra plans to compete in the Impact Prize Business Competition, Campus ACC InVenture Prize Competition, and the RVD iPrize. Money would go towards developing her software and beta testing. Then, she would work on marketing for ClubMATCH.

 Freshman year Alexandra would be so proud of the woman she has become today. Her hard work and dedication have allowed her to gain confidence in herself, pursue her passions, and help other students find their niche in their community.