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Adzilly, an advertising platform that merges experiences with niche consumer marketsAEGIS, platform for alumni donations to become investments in student successAmbassadoor, a mobile platform that allows businesses to connect with and utilize nano-influences efficiently and effectivelyAmbrosia LSZ, an entertainment company that produces custom, exclusive, curated VIP events for high-end clients in upscale marketsAnthony Obas, brand master, author and speaker, who crafts brand strategy through digital content creation, events and other unique platformsAnything But Beer, a microbrewery that crafts gluten free and vegan fruit ales and ciders and a brewpub featuring craft farm-to-table foods in downtown SyracuseApollo Biomedical, a diagnostic knee brace accessory for patients recovering from knee-related injuries/surgeryArt Inspires You (AIY Studio), a platform to help artists with strategies, brand identity, frameworks and processes, messaging, video and production, and moreArtFuse, a collaborative social media platform and marketplace for creatives, with the goal of making the world a more joyful and happier place, by boosting creativity and by empowering people to design their livesATIN, reed diffusers, automatic air fragrance dispensers, scented soy wax candles, and room and linen sprays for commercial and residential settings, featuring custom scents that evoke the best fragrances of the PhilippinesAttend Pro, a hardware and software solution that improves maintenance workflowAwning, a mobile app to enhance mental health, well-being, and anxiety reductionBlended, a youth-led non-profit dedicated to empowering the international community studying at Syracuse University to make informed decisions about their futures through connections in the domestic and global spaceBloc’d Reactions, a blockchain powered technology for restaurants to track food allergy training and help prevent food cross-contamination, to reduce the instances of allergic reactionsBlood, Sweat, and Beers, a craft microbrewery specializing in branded beers featuring various military branches, designed specifically to be sold at military exchangesBloomOptix, a UAV based monitoring systems to identify harmful bloom algae in public watersheds and respond through real-time detectionBluebird English, online English coaching for China’s global citizensBluerem, a Bluetooth medical diagnostic technology platformBomber Equipment, at home training solutions and equipment for rock climbersBonfire in a Bin, an all-in-one bonfire starter kit that is collapsible for easy storage and transportBowtie Boulevard, a whimsical design company that creates one of a kind bowties and other fashion accessories from upcycled clothesBrevitē, modern bags for the modern explorer – stylish and durable multifunctional backpacks with a removable camera insert for photographers, filmmakers and travelersBroad Brothers Productions, a commercial film and video service that produces affordable high-quality digital contentBroscapes, a facial scanning technology for men to view different beard styles, and to assist with styling, shaping and groomingBusie, an integrated, seamless online platform that adds value to both charter bus operators and trip organizers by simplifying the quoting and booking processesCampus Culture Games and #TheHunt, a gamified digital student orientation platform that helps students develop their identity and find community at their universitiesChase Guttman Photography, one of the top drone travel photographers, authors and educators in the worldCLLCTVE, a creative agency that is the voice of GenZ, connecting creatives, community, and brandsClubmatch, a platform to match students with clubs, organizations and extra-curricular activitiesCode++, Computer science camps in developing nationsCompress-aid, an adjustable pressure bandage that improves upon conventional medical dressingsCOVID-Survival, an easy to use tech solution for the elderly, their families and health care providers, to communicate and navigate challenges related to COVID-19DecEnery, a local peer-to-peer electricity trading system built on blockchainDesign Dwell, a media group for high-end interior designersDesign to Table, a design agency that helps small farms identify new opportunities to grow in the local food movementDJ, a platform to connect music listeners with one another through online social listening experiencesDNA Development, an African based real estate firm that builds sustainable, affordable housing for a wide range of price points, lifestyles, and locations, that expands the footprint of coastal cities by constructing net-zero energy homes on water.Dream Connect, a platform that connects young black and Latino leaders and student organizations across college campuses, and develops GenZ leaders of colorDropBlock, a tech platform to solve supply chain and drop shipping services through a simplified model built on blockchainDrop Top, an innovative design, made entirely of REVLAR, that increases agricultural output while conserving water through drip irrigation in arid climatesEB Active, a high intensity LED fitness band to provide an additional measure of illuminated safety for active bikers, joggers and walkers in the darkEcoBamboo Living, a sustainable company focused on architectural design of bamboo homes, and construction of beautiful, affordable bamboo homesEDGEModular, an innovative design and construction company that develops attractive and affordable multi-unit modular residencesEmily Dang Photography, personalized photography that captures the special moments in your lifeESOL, a mobile app to help Asian learners speak more fluently in English through customizable tutorials utilizing popular digital media content such as commercial films and television showsEvil Twin Management, an arts, entertainment and multimedia creative management companyExPrep, an interactive, self-paced and hands-on Microsoft Excel training application that helps users learn Microsoft Excel with easeEyes and Ears, a service that pairs musical artists with nonprofits to support social issues of interest to the performer and the communityEZParkings, a mobile app to find crowdsourced on-street parking in urban settingsFarm to Flame, a smokeless, odorless biomass generator system that leverages locally grown crops to harness the power of energy and build more sustainable rural economiesFEI Tech, an authentic Asian food delivery system for college campuses, delivering fresh meals from local traditional restaurants via a WeChat platformFibreFree, an innovative laundry ball that captures synthetic microfibers during the washing and drying process, preventing non-degradable fibers from entering aquifers and the atmosphereField, an social media and recruitment platform for aspiring athletes to create visibility and be discoveredFly the Coop, a rate the landlord platform for college students to give feedback on landlords and property management companies in college communitiesFood for Community, a not-for-profit that transports unused food from local schools and takes it to local pantries410 Pictures, a niche microbudget genre-based independent film production companyFree-Swing Power Source, a personal wearable device that harnesses kinetic power from walking to produce electricity in off-the grid communitiesFreshU, a digital content platform for college students, by college students, focusing on the freshman experience with 100,000 unique monthly visitors and 400 nationally distributed content creatorsFSCL, a new financial tool to make student debt more affordableGamercraft, a digital platform that helps eSports competitors and enthusiasts achieve personal eSport goals through training and being part of a physical and online eSports communityGather, a platform that builds community over home cooked mealsGeckStrips, Gecko inspired adhesive technology that improves the way you wall hangings heavier than 30 poundsGeeklama, a EdTech venture that offers on-line coding classes for students ages 7-17 in Russia, Africa and the United StatesGeenaMatuson.com, an arts technologist, educator, author, speaker, thought leader and multimedia storytellerGira Tech, a revolving door with a gear technology that can generate energy through a unique gearbox system that harvests kinetic energy, and converts it to usable kWhGirl Power, platform to connect female tech professionals with customers to increase gender diversity and empower women in tradeGlobalists, a content platform created by Syracuse University international students, in both print and digital versions, sharing personal insights as well as commentary on global issuesGood Uncle, a campus-based food delivery service featuring high quality food prepared by top chefs in a network of regional kitchens, loaded into state-of-the-art vehicles, and finished cooking on-board to ensure hot and fresh mealsHabitU, a mobile app to foster the development of healthy habits that reduce stressHALO, a discreet and portable emergency alert system designed for students who need help on or near a college campus, using radio frequencies and small wearable transmitters to alert public safety in an emergencyHAUS, a product design company, featuring smart appliances connected to the IoTHome From College, an interactive digital platform connecting college students with top industry and thought leader, as well as brand sponsored career-building projects and mentorshipsIAN (Interactive Audio Narrative), an immersive storytelling experience in 3D soundImajion, mixed reality solutions for the AEC industryIndieFlo, a streaming service for independent filmsIndūlo, an augmented reality (AR) platform powered by deep learning algorithms, that allows users to try on eyewear or other fashion items before making on-line purchasesInkdustrial, a software platform that integrates all components of design and project management into one seamless programIn-Spire, a wearable, refillable inhaler bracelet that provides emergency rescue doses to asthma patients through a unique patented bite-activated systemIntubate Safe, a medical device to reduce risk in emergency intubation proceduresIsotropic Design, a digital agency that builds websites, runs high converting ad campaigns and offers conversational forms and professional website speed optimizationItemize, a platform to store important product information and add insurance for your valuable electronic devicesJoJo Rings, producing beautiful, one of a kind rings from keys, often from sentimental places, that become family keepsakes as well as unique jewelry accessoriesJumpStart, a marketing service for student startupsJustin Case, a stylish kit for young urban professionals and college students who want to keep their toiletries in a well-designed bagKairos Culture, an events and training corporation that connects Christian creatives, activists and entrepreneursLatchKey, a digital platform and hardware device providing security for families of “latch-key” children as part of a smart home systemLFG Sports, a digital sports media company by fans for fans, featuring fan experiences and insightsLittle Cape Boutique, an online boutique for young women that includes tips on how to identify your unique style in a fun and personalized wayLloyd Anash, independent artist, musical performer and designerLokil, an app that offers a way of quickly connecting hobbyists who need help with fellow hobbyists who want to help complete projects and get help with project dilemmasMadog Sculpted Fabrication, state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to produce architectural ornamentation at a fraction of the time and costM.A.N.Kind, a social media company that produces podcasts, video casts and blog posts on topics related to the male experience, particularly featuring minority voices, with a focus on respect, empowerment and kindnessMaterialize, an industrial and interaction design consulting serviceMCM, a platform and consulting firm focused on global fixed income securitiesMedUX, a medical product design company that created a wearable to deliver IVs without being tethered to a poleMiraku, a delicious peanut based milk alternativeModern Solutions, a company that designs and installs smart home solutionsModoScript, a pill-safe platform for physicians, health insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies and law enforcement organizations aimed at combating and reducing costs associated with prescription drug abuse and patient non-adherenceMotion by A, a multimedia storytelling companyNecessity Apparel, stylishly designed clothing line that supports clean water initiatives around the globeNervTech, pressure sensitive device for wheelchairs to avoid the development of pressure soresNext Step, a machine learning system to better help students plan their academic programs to optimize course selectionOthersideAI, AI powered software to change the way we write, offering incredibly intuitive, accurate and efficient solutionsOurChosenName, Provides pronouns, gender, and preferred name advisory consulting to companies looking to build and maintain a welcoming and inclusive working environmentOut There Productions, three digital storytellers, an old school bus that became a cross-country mobile production studio, and the rest of the story is legendaryPAANI, a clean water filtration system, using a traditional sari cloth, embedded with four layers of filters, designed to capture small particulates, bacteria and fungi in water systems in IndiaPanda’s Best, a distribution company in the United States for sustainably sourced consumer products such as personal amenities and fashion accessories, household goods, hardware and moreParkAmigo, an Uber for driveways, allowing users to find, book and pay for a vacant parking space easilyPopcycle, a fun, hip, fashion popup, featuring vintage clothing as well as bespoke one of a kind designs by emerging young designersPorta-Splint, a lightweight, compact, portable splintPowerSpike, a platform that connects brands with e-sports streamers to create high impact, data-driven campaigns, through hassle-free Twitch influencer marketing that scalesPrescriptChain, a technology solution to reduce prescription fraud through a permissioned blockchain network that flags unusual activityPretty Girl Bliss, on-line fashion re-sellerPrioritage, a patient monitoring system, post emergency triage, that allows for real-time assessment of a patient’s changing conditions, designed for use in emergency room and disaster settingsPromptous, a seamless digital platform powered by blockchain, smart contracts and ACH, that automates and simplifies dental insurance transactions between patients, practitioners and employers, and creates both transparency and cost savingsPushVR, visual art and virtual reality software development companyRadarSet, a platform that provides intelligence about fast-growth companies for other startup companies, helping identify industry and investment intelligence, insights and dataRandy Ginsburg, author of “Adversity to Advantage,” profiled in Newsweek and Inc.comRavle, a SaaS that helps travel brands produce and measure interactive media at scale through digital content created by the world’s top travel filmmakers, and a powerful visual, data-driven platformRealTea Housing, website to find, rate and review student housingRematriation Magazine, a digital storytelling platform powered by a sisterhood of Haudenosaunee women where indigenous women gather for collective healing from historical and current traumasReviving the Rust Belt, a design led practice to address abandoned buildingsRypple, a digital platform to capture and keep important family memories through digital recordings, film and storytellingSafeLoot, an online platform and directory of Black-owned businesses to support them through recovery from the pandemic and create visibility through the Black Lives Matter movementSatellite, a hyper-local mobile and web application that empowers people to develop stronger and healthier relationships with their core group of family, friends and colleaguesSavoFair, a global collective of digital media content creators, travel curators, food aficionados and global connectorsSentio, a digital platform to hire dependable people with AI powered tech, analytics and an applicant matching systemShaMoon, a multi-dimensional platform that gives visibility and connection to the creative community by offering high-quality branded clothing in connection to relevant original contentShine Magazine, an entertainment magazine geared toward young adults with intellectual disabilitiesSmarta, Home appliance company that manufactures devices based on automations, privacy and securitySnow School Productions, a Syracuse University based production company that will connect the arts like never before. Producing short films and other content while promoting communication and collaboration between SU programsSOAR, a non-profit serving the needs of survivors of PTSD and C-PTSD with alternative therapy in a retreat settingSolace Vision, a hardware and software platform that helps people overcome debilitating phobias by the use of Virtual Reality, which improves their quality of life by gaining control of the phobiaSOYL Talks, a network that includes lecture series, blog posts and digital media platforms connecting college students with entrepreneurs and business leadersSparkCharge, an award-winning, ultra-fast, powerful, sleek and compact portable charging unit for Electric Vehicles that is disrupting the clean tech and EV industrySpazio, a better design approach to external hard-drives for computersStarfruit, a consulting services that offers workshops, on-line content and support services for schools and districts in Austin, Texas that want to integrate Google Classroom in their instructionSugEx, a diabetes management system that features sleek wearable wrist technology paired with a smart phone applicationSustENABLE, a sustainability platform that helps shape triple bottom line thinkingSWIP, a sustainable beverage and flavor pod system designed to replace disposable plastic bottles, and help eliminate plastic wasteSYMBTC, a software platform sold to employers that allows them to internally match employees with mentors within the organization. A peer mentor matching software to deploy and monitor mentor relationshipsSYRE Tech, transparent displays for public transit systems and autonomous vehiclesSyrkus, a heat and cold therapy device and app that improves muscle sorenessTableau Media, an online magazine centering marginalized voices through art, creative writing, poetry, illustration, de-stigmatization of topics around mental health awareness, and other inter-disciplinary writings in humanities and social sciencesTableau Media, an online magazine centering marginalized voices through art, creative writing, poetry, illustration, de-stigmatization of topics around mental health awareness, and other inter-disciplinary writings in humanities and social sciencesTaggs Media, a digital content company that serves small commercial enterprises, as well as providing specialized consumer services such as video for weddingsThe Fair, a mobile app that bridges customers and vendors at farmer markets, facilitating the shopping experience for agricultural productsThe Success Bug, a media production company and success blog designed for the ambitious millennial entrepreneur.314CBD, a distributor of CBD products under its own brand labelThinc-hub, a digital platform to build innovation ecosystems, connect startups to resources, help build teams, and find mentors and investorsThrive, a nonprofit that creates sustainability programs around energy, health and leadership development in “glitch” communities, starting in NepalTitan brand, a line of dog toys that is long lasting and virtually indestructibleTowelVac, a healthy alternative that uses vacuum pressure rather than heat to dry hairTravSolo, a digital platform for travelers and adventurers on solo journeys, who want to meet people, and stay safe - all the while sharing memories on-the-goTravSwap, a platform to swap homes for a period of timeTweedlMusic, an app for aspiring artists and music listeners that democratizes the music industry using social media gamification to boost the influencer and tastemaker status of musical artists, enable more people to pick the next hot artists, and help make their songs go viral fasterUniRide, a mobile transit aggregation platformUNMD, Artificial intelligence for the auto insurance industryUrban Coders, an initiative to teach coding to middle school, junior high and high school students, in places like public libraries, to grow the next generation of STEM talentVisos, the world’s most powerful VR platform built for enterprise applications and the medical industryViV, personalized step down programs to combat nicotine addictionVolu, a volunteer management system which allows nonprofits to track volunteers from first exposure to first actionWalnut Street Partners, a venture development firm connecting pre-seed student startups with angels and early investorsWAYV, creating immersive experiential popup retail experiences for brands, working with college campuses to engage GenZ audiencesWedigo, a blockchain powered platform to track philanthropic contributions to universities and allow donors to see how they are utilized, providing transparency through a digita ledgerWD40 Productions, a commercial video production company that specializes in digital storytelling, especially for startupsWeather Optics, a disruptive weather and data analytics companyWeMedia Lab, a Syracuse University media group that engages international students through WeChat and Weibo to promote cultural exchangesYouth Government Services, consulting local governments in formation, management and sustainability of youth government organizationsZuluecho Initiative, a digital platform for ambitious creative discussion on topics related to creativity, entrepreneurship and empowerment

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