A 2-week bootcamp with founders who raised more than $300 million? Here’s how to get in on that.

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Jack Kuveke and Dan Vykhopen just raised $3 million in the last few months for their startup from some of the best investors in the world. They’ll do absolutely everything possible to help you raise your seed round too.  They are part of our LaunchPad alumni crew and co-founders of Huddle. Their bootcamp is bringing in some special guests including top VC partners and founders who raised more than $300 million plus.  They’ll help you create a fundraising strategy, hone your pitch, make the right intros and launch.  Here’s the hitch:  They’ll only accept ten teams and founders they believe in. Trust us when we say you want to be one of them.  Watch the bootcamp video, then learn more and apply here by Monday, February 22.  (PS – Huddle is also hiring!)