2024 ACC InVenture iPrize Winner

Katy Arrons-winner of ACC Inventor
Katy Arrons ’24 first runner up in the ACC InVenture

Syracuse University’s entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly as Katy Arons won top honors at the 2024 ACC InVenture Prize Campus Qualifier, hosted by the Blackstone LaunchPad at SU Libraries.

Arons delivered an engaging and persuasive pitch, highlighting the critical role of her venture in revolutionizing conversations about consent and intimacy. She impressed a distinguished panel of judges, including Russ Fearon, Yvonne Hyland, Dr. Yunpeng Li, Aidan Mickleburgh, Ryan Pleskach, Phahsa Ras, Dana Scherzi, and Noah Mechnig-Giordano. Moreover, their diverse backgrounds in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology added depth to the evaluation process, providing Katy with invaluable insights and validation of her impactful work.

Katy embarked on her journey to develop Continual Consent—a platform aimed at educating and empowering young adults about sexual consent and domestic violence—with a vision to address a glaring gap in sexual education in public and private school systems around the country. Her tenure as an Analyst at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. solidified her work ethic and honed her market research skills, further contributing to her entrepreneurial journey.

As Katy prepares to represent Syracuse University on the national stage at the ACC InVenture Finals in Florida this March, the LaunchPad community firmly supports her, inspired by her innovation, determination, and pursuit of making a meaningful difference in the sexual health and safety of young adults.

Congratulations, Katy, on your well-deserved victory. In conclusion, we eagerly anticipate your continued success as you take Continual Consent to new heights and leave your mark on a national platform.