How to launch your marketplace on June 29

LaunchPad startup company ModoSuite is hosting the second in a Founders Chat series this summer moderated by its co-founder and CEO Jackson Ensley ’22.  It will be June 29 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST with featured guest Jonathan Sukhia, founder of TopKey and an alum of Y-combinator ’21.  Sign up for the June 17 chat here. The chats are a collaboration with the LaunchPad at SU Libraries.

TopKey helps find managers to take care of vacation rental properties on Airbnb, Vrbo and other listing sites.  It is a platform that connects owners with professional, vetted property managers to help care for vacation homes with competitive pricing, and seamless communication.

ModoSuite is building the future of marketplaces and offering start-ups exclusive first access to its beta template, which is a fully working marketplace that a company can have up and running in an afternoon.  Apply to become part of the beta here.

ModoSuite is led by Jackson Ensley and Paul Hultgren.

Ensley is a LaunchPad Global Fellow and a Whitman senior who is obsessed with building communities. His previous venture Popcycle was an online marketplace for student-owned clothing brands.  Popcycle built and launched an MVP in September of 2020 and did thousands of dollars in sales during the first week. Now, Jackson is dedicated to helping other founders get their marketplace MVPs up and running fast, with the mission of making marketplaces easy to build. 

Co-founder and CTO Paul Hultgren is an entirely self-taught programmer from the Bay Area who is also obsessed with building.  He has been developing websites for more than four years  and has deep experience building fully custom e-commerce websites.  He is a seasoned AWS user and programs in TypeScript and Elixir. Contact the team here.