Global Entrepreneurship Week: Students from 118 countries are innovating at the LaunchPad

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It takes a global village.  Did you know that Syracuse University LaunchPad members come from 118 countries?  We are very proud of our global reach.  It celebrates the cultural diversity of our creative community and it also means that we are training innovators  who are bringing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets back to communities around the world.  Working in the LaunchPad means that you are innovating with teams built with the brightest minds from every corner of the globe.   Entrepreneurship doesn’t know political or geographic boundaries.  It exists everywhere, and when people come together to work on solving problems, putting aside differences and finding common ground, amazing things can happen.  That kind of comraderies accelerates success. We celebrate the innovative spirit of our students from 118 countries who are working together in the LaunchPad each week … not just Global Entrepreneurship Week. Being a cultural crossroads is part of who we are and what makes us a such an exciting place to bring ideas to life.

Check our map of members here. Don’t see you country? Become a member and let’s add to this list.

The LaunchPad prepares participants to be trailblazers and innovators in an entrepreneurial world. It enhances the student experience and builds skills in these Syracuse University shared *core competencies:

Civic and Global Responsibility

Knowledge, exploration, and analysis of the complexity surrounding interdependent local, national, and global affairs. Engagement in responsible, collaborative, and inclusive civic and cross-cultural learning, with an emphasis on public, global, and historical issues.

Ethics, Integrity, and Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Reflection on the dynamic relationships among power, inequality, identities, and social structures. Thoughtful engagement with one’s values, intersectional identities, experiences, and diverse perspectives and people. Application of ethical and inclusive decision-making in the context of personal, academic, professional, and collaborative pursuits.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Exploration and synthesis of ideas, artifacts, issues, and events to inform and evaluate arguments, develop new insights, and produce creative work. Reflection on, and application of divergent modes of inquiry, analysis, and innovation to research, knowledge, and artistic creation.

Scientific Inquiry and Research Skills

Application of scientific inquiry and problem solving in various contexts. Analysis of theories, replication of procedures, and rethinking existing frameworks. Supporting arguments through research, data, and quantitative and qualitative evidence that can generate new knowledge.

Communication Skills

Effective individual, interpersonal, and collaborative presentation and development of ideas through oral, written, and other forms of expression to inform, persuade, or inspire.

Information Literacy and Technological Agility

Identification, collection, evaluation, and responsible use of information. Effective, ethical, and critical application of various technologies and media in academic, creative, personal, and professional endeavors.

*Core competencies approved by the Syracuse University Senate, December 2018